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Review of PhotoSecrets website

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Excerpted from the March/April 1998 issue. News & Tips section. Link.


If you haven't seen this new guidebook series, the website can give you a peek at what's in print - the first two books cover Yosemite and San Francisco and Northern California - plus a host of online tips to make that perfect picture on your next trip. Features include "Postcard Photography" and a 14-page "Guide to Better Pictures." A photo gallery, with stunning images of Half Dome, the Golden Gate Bridge, and other classic views, tells you how to get similar shots. But you'll have to read the books for tips on re-creating famous images, like those of Ansel Adams, complete with maps to find the locales.

Thumbs up

Impressive in its presentation and abundance of material, especially for a new website. You'll want to bookmark the extensive travel photography links, a virtual bible of workshops, equipment catalogs, you name it. Thumbs down

Only two books so far? Don't despair. San Diego is coming in July.

— Carolyn Wixson Haga, Regional Editor.

Reproduced with permission.